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Welcome to ARC Medical Billing
Let ARC Medical Billing increase your cash flow
At ARC Medical Billing we not only want to get it right, we want to get it right the first time. We want to insure that our providers have the right information so that they receive maximum reimbursement for their time!

At ARC Medical billing we offer you real time access to all your financial data. You remain in control, you see exactly what is going on with every patient account from your office, your home and even on your mobile device!
Your billing company should be an extension of your office. This means your needs will be OUR priority! ARC Medical Billing will assign a representative to your account who will be responsible for meeting all of your personalized needs. In addition to billing and practice management services we also offer payroll expenses, taxes, employee health insurance services, postage and claim submission expenses, office supply expenses, software expenses, employee turnover and training. All of these are at our expense. Take a look at a more extensive description of our services and see for yourself.

At ARC Medical Billing, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the current trends in insurance denials. Yes, that's right, trends in denials. If a biller is aware of what the insurance companies are denying, they not only help the provider bill for maximum reimbursement, they also assure the provider has their claims paid right the first time!

Using our company will not only free up your staff to take care of day-to-day operations of a busy office, it will save your office time and money by freeing up you and your staff to tend to your patient's which is your ultimate goal!
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